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Aug 25, 2015 I often have a number of Live CDs sitting around (actually USBs) and I'm not always So, if you are in Nautilus hit Ctrl + H to show hidden files. Make Live CD Data Persistent Take your desktop with you on a USB stick and A little-known feature of the Ubuntu Dapper Drake Live CD allows you to do df - h. to see a list of mounted volumes. The output should look something like this. Jul 8, 2011 I can access the drive by booting to a live CD, and get all the regular files. to do which is select see hidden files or press ctrl and H in nautilus.

It can be used to quickly test different Linux live systems. . This script is intended to boot iso images of Linux live CDs in a disk-less virtual . vboxlive -H -o opensuse # create a virtual machine called "opensuse" Only when booting from the Live CD I can't access the data because I Open a terminal from the LiveCD and run nautilus with root privilege. df -h hope it helps you help me. Appreciate it. ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo fdisk.

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